Sky Group is specialized in serving Conferences and Incentive Meetings and trips. Incentive Events are the best way for companies and corporations to unite their employees and solidify relationships within a company. This is a unique opportunity to reward the leading workers and to encourage and motivate the younger ones!

 Sky Group presents excellent offers for Incentive Events planners.

1. Provide airport, railway, and motor terminal pickups; VIP services and guest-welcoming ceremonies.

2. Provide accommodations at best-in-the-city hotels at special rates.

3. Provide interpreter services.

4. Prepare and implement market research programs and promotions.

5. Lease conference rooms seating 25 to 250 people.

6. Provide state-of-the-art equipment, including conference audio systems, simultaneous translation systems, and overhead projectors.

7. Arrange coffee-breaks, and business lunches.

8. Organize formal dinners at best in-the-city restaurants.


 9.  Provide an exclusive tour program for conference attendees, including museums.

10. Provide special chamber, symphony, and wind-instrument concert events, private art and sculpture exhibitions, and visit to private collectors and art studios.

11. Arrange meetings with leading cultural figures, artists, and politicians.

12. Make souvenirs and gifts with custom made or event logos.

13. Organize private banquets at night-clubs, restaurants or bars, in the city suburbs, camping or picnic areas, including entertainment programs by leading variety shows, dance or ballet troupes, solo perfomers, fashion shows, and exotic show programs for thrill-seekers.

14. Provide corporate recreation at the seaside, water sports gear, and comfortable beaches.

15. Provide security guards to participants, including security agency or police personnel.

16. Provide photographer services including photo printing prior to conference conclusion and departure of conference participants.

17. Provide comfortable coach, car, and limo services.

18. Provide railway, coach, and air tickets.

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