Why to visit Odessa

Odessa is known as the Pearl of the Black sea – colorful and glittering from its inception: founded by the German Catherine the Great, planned by the Dutchman Franz de Volan, built under the direction of admiral Josef de Ribas, a Spaniard, and ruled by a Duke de Richelieu, frenchman, Odessa's first governor.

Odessa. Hearing this word imagine bright blue sky and navy sea water of the port, white lighthouse and giant stairs leading to the Primorskiy boulevard – this magnificent entrance to the city.

Odessa inspires – with its beautiful buildings and sophisticated architecture, with Opera Theatre (built by viennese geniuses Felner and Helmer, authors of La Scala and Dresden Opera), with numerous cafes and sparkling fashionable shops.

Odessa amazes – with its old yards and historical monuments, April fools' day festival and sense of humor.

Odessa shows unusual things – Mother-in-law bridge, monument to Zamengoff, creator of esperanto, Italian yards and catacombes.

Why to visit Odessa? Not only to enjoy its city-centre and stroll along the seaside. Of course many tourists come here exactly to swim in the sea and sunbathe. But it will be only a recreation, not a cultural immersion in Odessa picturesque life.

To feel the taste of the city, walk at the Gogolya street and visit on random one of the old yards – they still preserve their beauty, some of them even have wells created at the very beginning of city's history. Admire with the house #7 - house which belonged to the family Pfalz-Fein, the founder of the biosphere reserve "Askania Nova". Today this house is more known as "House with the Atlantis".  

After a short walk visit “Gogol cafe” - popular nice cafe with friendly atmosphere, tasty cuisine and good coffee.

Continue your excursion, turn on the left and pass by “House of scientists” - former residence of count Tolstoy (not to be confused with Leo Tolstoy, famous Russian writer), which opens its doors to the visitors...

Odessa is full of beauty and suprises, noisy squares and calm old yards...

Whatever aspect you prefer – cultural, historical, entertaining, spiritual, - Odessa will always have something special to show you.

Discover your Odessa!

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