Hotel “Auscoprut”

Auscoprut” Hotel is located in the buildings 7-9 on Hrunwaldska street. These buildings are architectural monuments of the beginning of the 20th century (building #7 was built in 1907 and building #9 in 1912) and the currently combined into an integrated complex. Until 1939 the buildings were privately owned and used for accommodation. Later on they were used for administrative offices.

In 1992 the Ukrainian-Austrian joint venture “Auscoprut” conduced restoration and reconstruction of the buildings adapted for hotel services provided by  “Auscoprut”.

The buildings are united together and architecturally form a single secession-style block which is characterized by peculiar balcony elements, forged and stucco mouldings of fences. The hotel outside area also has the same style forged grating. The complex is considered to be one of the best architectural dominants of the city, retained its original appearance and after reconstruction in 1992 acquired sophistication and become city adornment.

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