Kharkov - is the second-largest city in Ukraine. Kharkov is a town of great traditions, a town with remarkable destiny (and during certain periods with tragic one), a town that is proud for its past. A great impression on the character and habit of mind of the town was made by the period between 1917 - 1934 when the town was the capital of Soviet Ukraine. 

This may be a subject of animated and fascinating story told by local lore specialists. To begin with the fact that "The Igor Regiment" is directly connected with Kharkivians. Because the legendary battle of the Calca river took place near Izyum. Further on, Kharkov has ever been a breeding ground for training military staff. It became the subject matter of the interesting book entitled "Kharkov regiments - 300 years of history". For more than 100 years now, Kharkov has been the law capital of Ukraine. It was here that the great achievements of national criminology were made. The lives of many well known writers, artists and actors, thinkers Vernadsky and Scovoroda are connected with Kharkov. 

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