Kirovograd (also spelled Kirovohrad), former Yelizavetograd (Elizavetgrad), city and administrative center of Kirovograd region, of Ukraine.

Kirovograd city is standing along the upper Ingul River (tributary of Southern Bug River), where the latter is crossed by the Kremenchug-Odessa railway. Kirovograd city is an important railway and highway junction of Ukraine.

Kirovograd was founded as a St. Elizabeth’s fortress in 1754 for defending the southern borders of Ukraine from Turks and Crimean Tatars. In 1775 Kirovograd was made a city of Yelizavetgrad and later the city became an administrative center of New Serbiya and developed as the center of a rich agricultural area.

In 1918 the armed rising guided by bolsheviks took place in Yelizavetgrad and Soviet power was established in the city. Yelizavetgrad was renamed Zinovyevsk in 1924, Kirovo in 1936 and Kirovograd in 1939.

Kirovograd retains its function as an agricultural city. In addition to food-processing industries, Kirovograd has one of the most important agricultural-machinery works in Ukraine. There are also machine-building and light industries in Kirovograd city.

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